10 Easy Hacks to Save Money Shopping Online – The ultimate list

easy hacks to save money shopping online


Love a good bargain? Here are some easy hacks that can save you money when shopping online.


1. Use Ebates

Ebates is an online shopping portal where you can find coupons and earn cash back for every single purchase. Ebates includes hundreds of stores, which means that you can find cash back for almost any purchase.

If you need to buy a lot of school supplies or make big purchases like a bed or TV, you might want to get started with Ebates.

I have saved $785 so far with Ebates. 

Sign up here to receive $10 to start to start you off.

Read how to Save money with Ebates here.


2. Look for online coupons

Coupon sites such as Retailmenot post coupon codes for more than 65,000 online merchants. If you don’t find something at Ebates, try retailmenot.com


3. Stack coupons smartly.

Some retailers allow you to stack coupons. But they also have to be stacked in the right order to maximize your savings.

For example, if you have a $10 off coupon and a 15% off coupon, use the percent off coupon first, then the dollar off coupon. This way, you save 15% off the full price of the item before the $10 savings.


4. Store loyalty / rewards cards or email clubs

Sign up for store loyalty/rewards cards or email clubs. These are usually free and come with benefits such as discounted prices, free shipping or bonus coupons. Some even give you benefits and special coupons during your birthday month.


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5. Use cash back credit cards

Cash back credit cards give you back a percentage of the amount of money you spend. This can range from 1% – 6% depending on the card.

Check here for a list of credit cards that offer great cashback deals. You can sort these offers based on limited/no credit history, bad credit, fair credit, good credit and excellent credit. Make sure to choose a rewards card with no annual fee and try to pay your bill in full at the end of every month so you don’t cancel out the rewards your earn with credit card fees.


6. Consider shipping costs

Shipping costs can sometimes negate the savings for purchasing an item online. To get around that, either try to purchase other items you may need to meet the minimum shipping requirement. Alternatively, check Ebates or Retailmenot for free shipping coupons.

Some stores also offer a shop online and pick up in store option. This way you can still get your cashback savings and save on the shipping costs.


7. Price adjustment refunds

If an item was further discounted after you made your purchase, you can ask for a price adjustment. The time limit for price adjust refunds are usually 7-14 depending on the merchant.  Take your receipt and go back to the store and ask for a price adjustment.

Some credit cards also come with price protection. If you purchased the item on your credit card, you can also contact your credit card company and ask for a price adjustment refund. There are several credit cards that offer this benefit. Check with your credit card customer service department. If eligible, you will need to provide an itemized receipt as well as a dated printed ad with the new price. So make sure to keep your receipt from the store.


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A third way to get a price adjustment refund is to try Paribus. This online company scans your emails to fetch online receipts. If they find the price of your items dropped, they will file a price adjustment on your behalf. What’s the catch? They take 25% of the savings from the price adjustment. But it’s not too bad, considering you don’t have to do much.

TIP: We recommend creating a second email for all your online shopping receipts. That way you don’t have to give access to your primary email if privacy is a concern for you.


8. Consider using smart reward programs

Shopkick and Swagbucks allow you to earn gift cards to your favorite stores for doing certain actions.


With Shopkick you can earn points three ways.
1. Just for walking in and checking in to app,
2. Scan certain items in store,
3. Link your credit card and make purchases in store. Once you reach the checkout amount, you can redeem your points for a gift card.


Swagbucks allows you to earn gift cards for completing tasks such as watching videos, doing paid online surveys or browsing product catalogs.


9. Scour deal scoring sites such as slickdeals.net or fatwallet.com or groupon.com

Sites such as Groupon, FatWallet and SlickDeals are great for posting best deals.

Check if the store you shop at has a rewards/loyalty program to maximize the benefits of your purchase. Benefits can range from free shipping and bonus coupons (only available to rewards members) to cash back and rewards on your purchases. Some even offer special benefits or free products during your birthday month. Many of these programs are free to join.


10. Do a smart comparison check

Use the PriceBlink browser add-on to automatically pull prices for the same product from several online merchants. This way you can make the purchase at the cheapest price.

Another option is to try the Pricegrabber app. This app allows you to scan barcodes and provides you with the lowest price including taxes & shipping charges.


Not in a rush? Then wait for a great sale and combine with these shopping hacks to save some serious cash.



Do you have any tips on how to save money shopping online? Please share your comments below.




Secret Hacks to save money shopping online

Hacks you must use to save money shopping online
easy hacks to save money shopping online - The ultimate list

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