Looking for cheap checks? Make sure they have these security features to protect yourself from fraud

Looking for cheap checks or personalized checks?

Checks at banks can easily cost upwards of $35. To save costs, many people go to the internet to look for cheaper alternatives. While you may find many great deals, you want to make sure you don’t select a company whose quality is so poor that your checks may also be considered fraudulent because they lack the essential security features. […]

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Why you should get renters insurance (and how it can save you thousands of dollars!)

renters insurance

Most people who rent an apartment or home don’t realize that renters insurance can come with huge benefits. In addition, it is very affordable, ranging from $11-$16 per month. While some landlords might require you to have renters insurance, many do not. Before you decide this is not something you need, consider this situation. Mary, a fictitious student, went away […]

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