Gift Guide for Lab Managers, Post Docs, PIs, Professors and mentors

Looking for something unique and fun for a professor or PI, postdoc, mentor or lab manager? Whether you need an individual gift or a group gift, this list has some dynamite suggestions.



Gift Guide for Lab Managers, Post Docs, professors, PI'S and Mentors


1. Bucky Balls – $9.79

Magnetic balls – perfect as a stress reliever and a unique deskspace item. Perfect for those days where experiments don’t work.


2. Magnetic Toy – $10.00

Feeling creative? Try using these magnetic balls to create something new OR to relieve stress when your work days is not going as planned.


3. Ancestry DNA – $79

Give the gift of ‘Discovering the people and places that made you who you are’. A great gift for any science lover.


4. Gene 2.0 : The greateset journey ever told – $199

Here’s a fun gift to learn your ancestry and migration story of your ancestors.


5. Molecular Gastronomy Kit – $41.95

For the food lover…this kit can help enhance the culinary creativity of anyone!


6. Molecular Mixology Kit – $37

For the cocktail lover.


7. Sounds of HIV – $16.95

A musical translation of the genetic code of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. And even better, a portion of proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to the Emory Vaccine Center, which conducts HIV research.


8. Fun Cup Holder – $18.95

This multi-functional cup holder can hold not just your coffee but also your water bottle and stationary among other things.


9. Butterfly in a jar – $15

Bring some automated life to your lab bench with this beautiful blue butterfly in a jar. Just tap the jar or talk and watch your butterfly fly!


10. DNA Replication Stemless Wine Glass – $18.95

A uniquely handcrafted DNA Replication Stemless Wine Glass for the biologist wine lover.


11. Personalized Periodic Table Chemistry Name Sign – $20

This personalized gift can spell out any name with periodic table tiles.


12. Pure Gallium – $9.45

Enjoy the weird sensation of having metal melt in your hand. A fun gift for the experimentor!


13. Flying JellyFish – $33.26

Decorate your lab space with these captivating air plants in sea urchins.


14. The Food Lab – $28.58

Discover better home cooking with science. This book delves into the whys and hows of improving your cooking with science, even if you are a beginner. Even better, with over 100 recipes and over 1000 color photographs, this book shows you how to transform the simplest dishes into masterpieces while saving you time.


15. Giant Microbes – $9.70

Show how smart your giftee is with this cute Giant Microbes Brain Cell (Neuron) plush toy.


16. I’m Always right Tshirt – $16.95

For the one who’s always right! (Or maybe just thinks they are…)


17. Chemists Spice Rack – $46

Explore the chemistry of cooking with this chemistry lab themed spice container set.


18. Women in Science – $12

A New York Times Bestseller, of the 50 most notable contributions from pioneering women in Science.


19. Orchid Terrarium – $60

A beautiful self-contained orchid that blooms frequently and requires zero maintenance. Perfect to brighten up your lab space!


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