How to get cheap or free magazine subscriptions

how to get free magazine subscriptions, where to find free magazines

Magazine subscriptions can be pricey if you don’t know where to look. But you can get magazines for free or at a huge discount making them great gifts for a bargain. What’s nice too is that you can get all sorts of magazines including celebrity gossip magazines, food and fashion, home decor and even business magazines and sometimes subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal.

Keep reading for reviews of digital newsstands and the best websites to get free magazines.


Digital newsstands

1. Zinio

Zinio is a distribution service for digital magazines. They offer over 5,500 magazines and it is available for  a variety of platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Mac & PC. As well, Zinio is available for use worldwide. While you need internet access to download your magazines, once they have been downloaded to your device, you can read them offline anytime. You also have the freedom to purchase single issues or entire subscriptions. What I really enjoy with digital magazines, is that you can always save a digital copy of an article or recipe very easily. That way you do not have a ton of paper clutter.

Another great and slightly lesser known fact about Zinio magazines is that they have positioned themselves well with local libraries (currently in USA, Canada, Mexico & UK). What this means for you is that you will have access to a ton of magazines, all free of charge! All you need to do is get a library card for the area that you live in (also free of charge as this is paid for in your taxes), sign up for a library card account and your local library can guide you on using your Zinio account. If you already have a zinio account, you can set up the same account with your library to access even more zinio magazines. This is a great way to have free digital access to e-zines.


Click here to get your free Zinio reader. You can read your digital subscriptions on your computer, tablet or phone.




2. Texture (by Next Issue)

Texture is the newest digital newsstand app  and is advertised as ‘The Netflix of magazines’. The benefit of Texture is that with one subscription fee, you have access to a huge variety of magazines. It can be cheaper than subscribing to each one individually. However, this depends on how much and what you read. Basic plans start from $9.99.

One limitation of Texture is that their selection is limited unlike Zinio. They carry the most popular magazines but if you are interested in one that isn’t as widely read, you are on your own. That being said, they do have a wide variety of magazines available. Another limitation of Texture is that you cannot get free library access like the Zinio app.

However, take advantage of their 30 day free trial. You can test it out for free by clicking the banner below and decide for yourself if you like it.




Discounted or free magazines

This is a great site from which I have purchased several magazines for a great price. I have never had any issues, and customer service for this site has always been great. Here are some promotional codes for


2. BestDealMagazines
This site is great in that they offer some of the popular consumer magazines for just $4.69. What’s nice is that this price is valid for either new gift or renewal susbcriptions. Many of their other subscriptions are also significantly discounted. In addition, they do not automatically renew your subscription unless you ask them to. So you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges to your card.


3. MercuryMagazines
Mercury magazines matches people to magazines based on their careers. However, if you are unemployed, a homemaker or a student, you will still qualify to receive most of the magazines. Most of the best free magazines from this site will be posted through exclusive links, which I will post on LittleMissPenny as they become available. But you may be able to find other freebies by visiting their site.


4. RewardsGold
This site also has some great deals to be had. What’s nice about this site is that the promotional and free magazine offers are always changing. So make sure to check them out here. To get your free magazines however, you may have to fill out a short survey but it’s worth the effort for a free magazine susbcription.


5. is another website that is great for prices and they also offer some magazines for free. Click here to view these specials. These offers change so you can check back every so often. Sometimes you may only get one issue but you may also get an entire 1 year subscription. For the magazines that I have signed up through ValueMags, I have not received a bill for.


6. BookBub
And of course, if you love to read books, try out BookBub. They have the hugest selection of bargain books and are completely free which makes it even more enticing. Plus you get great discounts on books you love, upto 90% off. They also send you personalized notifications of limited time offers. BookBub is also a great place to discover new and upcoming authors.


7. AudioBook Boom
If you prefer audiobooks, then try AudioBook Boom. The service is free and similar to BookBub. Another great way to make those morning commutes fun at no cost.


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