How to save money from your receipts with these 4 cash-back apps

How to save money from your receipts with these cash back apps


If you normally throw out your receipts, think again! Those receipts could earn you a nice chunk of change, if you use the right cash back apps. Although you won’t get rich off of them, this definitely gives you some spare cash that you can use towards treating yourself or even paying a small monthly bill here and there.

Another benefit of scanning your receipts with these apps is that just incase you need to access some of your most recent receipts, you have instant access to them.

With the number of money saving apps that are popping up today, it makes it much easier to get a decent payout. In total, I have already redeemed about $120. Below are 4 apps that I currently use to earn cash.


1. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog

With every qualifying receipt you submit, you will either earn coins, slot spins and/or entries into monthly sweepstakes. Once you reach enough coins, you can cash out. As you continue to use Receipt Hog more frequently, additional ways to earn coins are made available to you, such as short surveys, barcode scans and Hog slot machine spins. You can also level up and earn additional points just for ensuring you scan at least one receipt a week. Plus the customer service staff at Receipt Hog is very helpful, should you have any issues. Although it is fairly easy to earn points with receipt hog, to maximize your earnings you should cash out at $30 rather than at $5. It just takes some time to get to that point. Nonetheless, this is a great app. Use promocode stif7461 for bonus Hog spins. 

Payout options: Paypal ($5 min) or Amazon ($5)

Available for: iOS and Android. Currently US and UK only.


2. Receipt Pal

Receipt Pal

This app is similar to Receipt Hog but one major difference is that the value of your receipt does not matter. The points you earn per receipt are the same. That being said, the rewards are fairly easy to attain and you can cash out with as little as 400 points which is equivalent to $1. Another unique thing about this Receipt Pal is that you can scan e-receipts as well. Plus every receipt you scan also gets entered into a $250 sweepstakes held every Monday.

Payout options: Amazon ($1 min), ($25 min), Gift cards from various top brand retailers.

Available for: iOS and Android. Currently US only.


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3. YaarloYaarlo

Yaarlo is the newest receipt app to be released. The app accepts all sorts of receipts including Retail stores, Grocery stores, restaurants (local, chain and fast food), Gas, Wholesale clubs, Entertainment, and Personal services.  They also offer cash back at select stores such as JCPenny and Macy’s. While it has a better return on each dollar that you spend, the app still has some kinks to work through. Regardless, they are working through this and I would definitely stick with this app while they grow.

With Yaarlo, you have several ways to earn. Besides scanning your receipts, you can also earn upto 5% cash back with Yaarlo’s ‘Shop ‘n Earn. Use promocode PENNY186 to earn a bonus $1.

Payout options: PayPal ($20 min.) or Panera, Starbucks, Amazon, Target, or Macy’s ($10 min.)

Available for: iOS and Android. Currently US only.


4. Find & SaveFind&Save

Find&Save is a little different from Receipt Hog, Receipt Pal and Yaarlo. It functions as more of a cash back on receipts. Logon to the app and look for the stores that are offering cash back that week. Then simply shop at your local stores and scan your receipt when done to get your cash back. Once you reach your payout amount, simply redeem your cash into a Paypal account. To make your shopping experience more enjoyable, Find&Save also offers random Cash Dash alerts. These are bonus cash back opportunities that are triggered by certain stores. I have gotten offers for Spend $5, get $5 back or even Spend $100, get $25 back. Simply enable your location services on your phone to be eligible for these Cash Dash alerts.  Use promocode CVFQ to get started with Find&Save.

Payout options: PayPal ($25 min.) 

Available for: iOS and Android. Currently US only.



Just remember you can scan your receipt into all of these apps to maximize your earnings. PLUS, by using these as well as grocery saving apps, you may even get paid to shop! Just remember to scan your receipts within the time limit. Most of these apps give you about 14 days.

As a bonus, if you forget or lose your receipt these apps keep a record of your receipts so you can use it as proof if you need to get a refund or return an item.


Do you have any similar cash back apps to add to this list?  






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