Motif Investing: an affordable way to invest

Motif Investing- Grow your money by investing in ideas


What is Motif investing?
Motif investing is a new and unique way of investing that is focused on giving the investor more control over their investments by focusing on a theme-based approach while at the same time offering a MUCH cheaper way to do it. What this means is that, you can choose to invest in ideas or motifs such as biotech, energy, politics, healthy and tasty etc.

The company has found a unique niche in the investing scene. Because the service they offer falls somewhere in between stock picking and index investing, they are able to take advantage of both markets and offer more flexibility to their clients.



How does it work?
The company offers preset motifs or you can create your own with up to thirty stocks or ETFs that represent specific investment ideas, all for a low cost of $9.95. All preset motifs are fully customizable and cost $9.95 for unlimited trades within that motif or $4.95 for a single trade. If you plan to trade more than one stock within the motif, it would be a better deal to pay $9.95 for the unlimited trades.


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Let’s put this into perspective. I plan on investing about $300 in 10 individual dividend stocks. Normally, with another company I would need a much bigger amount to start an investment account. Plus, I would have to pay $5 – $10 to trade EACH individual stock. So in this case, it would cost me about $10 x 10 stocks = $100, just to purchase my stocks. That will cost me a third of my funds just to get started. Bad deal, in my opinion, especially if you do not have that much to start with. So instead, Motif allows me to purchase my 10 different dividend stocks for a flat fee of $9.95. And what’s even nicer is you can select upto 30 stocks as part of your motif.

In addition, I can get started with as little as $300 at Motif and there are no maintenance or inactivity fees. If you really have no idea, where to start, you can select one of the groups suggested by Motif or it’s other users.



  • No maintenance fees even if your account is inactive
  • Low trade fees – Unlike other online trading sites which may charge less than $9.95 per trade, Motif allows you to trade up to 30 stocks for $9.95. In addition, you do not have to pay expensive recurring active management fees.
  • Because of the social media aspect, investors who are starting out, could potentially follow what the most successful investors do by following them in real time and making some nice returns for themselves.
  • Flexibility & Diversity – You never want to put all your eggs in one basket. So investing in a few different ideas or industries will ensure that you have diversity in your portfolio. Not to mention, that Motif investing allows you the flexibility to pick and choose what you want.
  • BONUS – No Fee Motifs
    A new offering called “New Horizon Motifs” which is comprised of low-cost ETFs. What’s nice about these is that there is no charge for these motifs. They are based on specific asset classes and are still customizable. Currently the company offers 9 benchmark horizon motifs which have no commissions and no monthly fees. You choose the one that best suits your risk tolerance.



  • Does not offer dividend reinvestment. This means that if a stock within the motif pays a cash dividend, it will be credited to your account rather than reinvested into your stock.
  • Because of the nature of motif investing, you essentially own fractional shares rather than whole shares. This can have some drawbacks when it comes to tax season. You will owe taxes on each individual share in the motif rather than a consolidated tax as is the case with mutual funds or individual ETFs. But the upside to this is that you have more control over when you want to buy and sell individual shares for tax management purposes.


If you are looking to get started with investing or looking to purchase specific stocks or ETFs without breaking the bank, Motif investing offers a very good, low cost solution. While this isn’t a one stop shop for your research and investing needs, this makes a great addition to your investing portfolio.

To help you get started, Motif investing is also offering up to $150 in free money to new investors for a limited time if you fund a new account. Click below to access this offer.


Get up to $150 when you start trading with Motif

What do you think about Motif investing? Please feel free to add any comments below.



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